(prayer) warrior wednesday #1

Hi, y’all.  I was thinking it would be nice if we could share prayer requests on Wednesday.  That way people who come to the blog can pray for these requests.  Even if it’s a quick prayer, I think the idea of people all over praying for these requests would be awesome. 

This week, I’ll put two requests I have.  In the comments, you can just leave a quick comment letting me know you’re praying, if you’re willing to pray for that request.  That way we can all see that people are really praying for these requests.

You can also leave your own prayer request in the comments.

In the future, I’d like to post other peoples’ prayer requests on Wednesdays.  So, if you have a prayer request for the week, email it to me by that Monday night, so I can put it up on Wednesday.  (Email: awomanforhim@gmail.com)

I think prayer is a very powerful tool, and I think it’s encouraging to know that other people – even people you don’t know – are praying for you.

So, my requests for this week (I’m sorry these are vague, but I’m almost positive none of these people would want to be identified):

1. Two lovely friends of mine are going through a very discouraging time.  Please pray that they would be encouraged and that they would feel God’s peace during this time.

2. A dear young man is in need of guidance from God.  Please pray that God would continue to pursue him – and that he would be open to that pursuit.

Thanks, everyone!  (And please send your requests by Monday so I can post them next Wednesday.)


6 responses

  1. Praying for your friends.

    Thank you for including this in the blog. I belonged to a moms’ group for five years. Having a group of women whom I could call on to pray for me was such a huge thing in my life; I felt uplifted and prayed for. I have missed it!

    This week I would like prayers for my family as we figure out how many outside activities are “too many.”

    1. Not that it matters, but I just wanted to say what an honorable prayer I think that is for your family. Working in a school, there is soooo much pressure to do every activity and for all the supposedly right reasons! It all sounds wonderful but then families are literally pulled in 100 different directions all the time. I hope I remember to pray for such discretion when I have a family of my own! I’m sure God will honor your decisions!

      1. I won’t speak for Jennifer, but I think what you said about it being an honorable prayer does matter! Sometimes those prayers are really hard ones to pray — and I think it’s awesome that you’re encouraging her.

  2. Thanks so much, Jennifer! 🙂 I’m definitely praying for you guys — let me know how the activities decision goes.

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