(prayer) warrior wednesday #3

Below are the requests for the week.  Please take just a minute to pray for these requests.  If you would, please leave a quick comment – “praying” as a comment is sufficient – so the ladies making these requests can see they’re being prayed for.  You never know what a big deal that sort of encouragement might be for someone.

Remember: if you have a prayer request for the week, you can put it in the comments below OR email it to me by Monday night, so I can put it up on Wednesday.  (Email: awomanforhim@gmail.com)

Thanks, everyone, for making this sort of encouragement possible!

1. A friend needs prayer for her financial situation and a certain opportunity that she’s hoping to get.

2. One of my many (wonderful) sisters-in-law will be having her baby any day now.  Please pray for a smooth delivery and a healthy baby.

Coming Up:

On Friday: We’ll talk about favorite Christian classics.  (There’s still time to get in on the book give-away from last Friday!)

On Monday: I’ll do the last of the “(becoming) fully submitted” posts – I’ll talk about the aspect of this submission thing that’s hardest for me, and hopefully hear from you about how you’re dealing with this area!


5 responses

  1. Praying!

    1. Thanks so much, Cassie! Love ya!

  2. Praying.

  3. Praying.

  4. Thanks for praying, y’all!!

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