(unsolicited) suggestion friday/saturday #3

So, last Friday, we talked  about Contemporary Christian books.  This Friday (ahem, Saturday), I thought we’d go with Christian CLASSICS!  (And we’re going with the same arbitrary classic/contemporary distinction this week: after 2000=contemporary.)

And here’s my pick:

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis: This is the best attempt I’ve found at explaining Christianity from the ground up.  And – bonus! – he avoids weighing in on many divisive (and non-essential) topics.  He sticks to the basics.  And – double bonus! – he’s the master of the metaphor.  Even though I was a Christian before I read this book – and already knew much of the content – I continually go back to his metaphors when talking to others (and when trying to get my own thoughts straight).  Finally – triple bonus! – he has some hilarious moments.  Yes, they’re pretty understated usually, but hilarious nevertheless.  I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

I also strongly recommend his book The Screwtape LettersThe premise of this book (high-level devil training a beginning devil regarding how to turn people away from God) is fantastic.  On a technical level it’s executed exceptionally well (as is everything I’ve read by Lewis).  I also found myself continually recognizing some of the tactics the devils in the book talk about in my own life.  It definitely made me more aware of some areas where my life was vulnerable. 

So, what’s your favorite classic?  (Feel free to tell us why, too!)

Who Got the Free Copy of For Women Only?: The winner is……………… Sara!  I’ll get the book shipped to you sometime this week!  (I know you’ve read it, so you can either keep it (I think it’s a good one to have around), or give it to someone else!)

Next Friday, I’ll post a list of the classic and contemporary books you guys have suggested.  (That way you won’t have to read through a bunch of posts/comments if you want a book suggestion.)


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