(prayer) warrior wednesday

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1. Praise report!  We have the money for one well, and it looks like we’ll have the money for the second well by the time it’s needed (the orphanage isn’t quite finished yet).  We’re so grateful for your generosity – in prayers and donations.  Thank you!

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2. Prayer request: My brother-in-law (Brett) and father-in-law (Mike) are leaving for Berlin, Germany tomorrow.  They are visiting missionaries that Brett’s church supports.  They’ll have a lot of opportunities to witness and encourage – in large groups and small groups.  Please pray for safe travel, good health, God’s will and clear direction for their trip, and for their family members at home.

Thanks, y’all!

Please feel free to leave a request below!

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Click here for the background on the well praise report.


6 responses

  1. Joining with you in praises…petitioning with you in your needs.

  2. My friend (Christine) has a nephew, Jamie, who is 15 years old. Jamie has gone through treatment for a rare form of cancer. The treatment was very aggressive and hard on him. Now they have found lesions on his lungs and the cancer has returned. Jamie does not want to undergo anymore treatment. Even with treatment the prognosis is very bad. Please pray for this family as they seek God’s will and make some very difficult decisions. Jamie’s parents are Jackie and David.

    1. So sorry to hear this. We’re praying for him and his family.

  3. Praying — for all of these.

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