(prayer) warrior wednesday

Cranberries 2

I’ve loved reading all the blogs and facebook posts about thankfulness this week.  (If you want to read mine, click here: remaining thankful.)

I think in prayer (all year long) it’s important to remember to include praise and thanksgiving.  For one thing, God deserves it.  For another, it helps us realize how many blessings we have!  (If you want to read another blog on thankfulness, I’d suggest my sister-in-law Emily’s blog post: Time for Thanks.)

Today, I’d like to suggest two areas for (prayer) warrior wednesday:

1. Consider what you’re thankful for.  Making a list might be helpful.  And consider telling those people.  A lot of us talk about what we’re thankful for on Thanksgiving Day.  It might be nice to talk about what we’re specifically thankful for in each person.  (And don’t forget to talk to God about what you’re thankful for about these people AND about Him — remember: all of these good gifts are from Him!)

2. Please continue to pray for Henley.  (Henley’s website)  They’ve had a rough week, and almost lost her.  One of the things I’m most impressed by is what an amazing job Lynsey and Grant do in praising God in the midst of some really serious, heartbreaking prayer requests.  They’re an excellent example for all of us.  (For more on Henley and the other kids I talked about last week, see this post: the kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.)

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

The post on Friday will kick off the Christmas posts!

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For more info on this blog, check out the About page or the first post.


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