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Hi, all.

A couple of requests:

1. This first request is from a woman who emailed me this week.  N would like prayers about her relationship with her in-laws.  There are some events coming up in December that will test already strained relationships.  N is trying to handle the situation as a Christian, but others are making this very difficult for her.  N would like us to pray for peace, genuine love, joy (even when bitterness is easier), humility, softened hearts, and grace as she interacts with her husband’s family.  Please also join me in thanking God that N has a husband who supports and loves her.  Please pray for him as he navigates these difficult waters as well.

2. Please continue to pray for sweet Henley.  She’s had weeks of nausea and vomiting and several days of tests with no clear answers.  They’re hoping for answers and a plan from their team of doctors late this week or early next week.  Here’s the latest on Henley: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/bravebee/journal

Thanks, y’all, as always!


5 responses

  1. Praying.

  2. I hope this doesn’t end up being too long. I have a friend, Rachel (mid 30s), who was diagnosed with breast cancer that by the time they found it it had already spread to her bones and liver and then to her brain. The treatments seemed to work for a while but she was taken to the hospital on Monday because she was unresponsive, but had a heartbeat and was breathing. The tests showed she had brain swelling and she had had 2 seizures. They are not able to continue any treatments right now, if ever. Her and her husband have a 7 year old who is autistic. I know they can use all the prayers they can get. I hoped that she would survive this but I think that is no longer possible. She is a fighter and only recently expressed how scared she was for her son to grow up without her.

    1. Praying for this family too.

  3. Quick update…They are no longer going to be able to give her any treatments. The swelling in her brain was around the cancerous lesions. She will be going home soon and put on hospice care. They gave her up to a month to live. My heart just aches for all of them.

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