(prayer) warrior wednesday

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Below are some prayer requests for this week.  Please pray for God’s Will and for His Presence and Peace in these situations.

1. Please pray for Dawna’s friend.  Here’s the information from Dawna’s comment last week: Dawna’s friend Rachel (mid-30s) has cancer in several areas.  The situation has progressed to the point where they can’t give her any more treatments, so she’ll be put on hospice care (the doctors estimate that she may live up to a month).  Please pray for peace and comfort for Rachel, as she is concerned about leaving her husband and their 7-year-old son (who has autism).  Please pray for her husband and son, too, during this incredibly difficult time.  (We know God can perform miracles.  Please pray one for this family.)

Dawna: Does Rachel have a CaringBridge page (or something similar) where people might be able to leave words of comfort and encouragement for her and her family?  If so, I’d love to post that information.  Thanks!

2. Please continue to pray for healing for Henley as she begins this new round of treatments.  Please pray also that the whole family would be able to be home together for Christmas.  Here’s the link to Henley’s CaringBridge journal page: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/bravebee/journal

3. Please also pray for strength, healing, and a reduction of pain for my friend, Garland, who has been fighting bone cancer for almost 4 years now and has recently had some complications.  He has been such a great example of someone who loves God, loves God’s Word, and loves others for so many people throughout his 70+ years.  (Please also pray for his lovely wife, Pat.)

4. Please pray for Matthew (12 years old) who will have heart surgery on the 20th.  Please pray wisdom for the doctors and protection and peace for Matthew.

5. Praise for the season we’re in!  How wonderful to spend time celebrating God’s saving love for us!  I’m praying that each of you will feel His joy and presence over the next several weeks.  It’s neat to know that even though as Christians we may have a lot of different personal traditions, we’re all celebrating the miracle of Christ’s birth!

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Please feel free to add your prayer requests below or email them to me at awomanforhim@gmail.com. 


2 responses

  1. Praying!

  2. http://carecalendar.org/

    ID: 38500
    Security code: donnyis6

    They haven’t used the calendar very much but said that it would be updated by a friend. Rachel is now sleeping a lot and can’t talk very much.

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