(becoming) creative

I thought it would be interesting to share some of our favorite creative aspects of Christmas.  Art projects, traditions, gifts you make, whatever.  How do you express your creative side during the Christmas season.

Personally, I like making Christmas cards.  I usually do this every other year.  I love thinking about what verses I want to incorporate and how I want to make each card stand out.  Here are some pictures from a few years ago and this year:

Some of this year's cards

Inside text

Another one of my favorite creative traditions is making gingerbread houses with my parents and brothers (and all of the family members we’ve added over the years!).  My mom takes on the enormous task of making 12-15 gingerbread houses.  This is a huge undertaking, as those of you who’ve baked that much gingerbread know.  I made the gingerbread one year (only about 6 houses probably, as our family had not expanded too much) when mom had morning sickness and couldn’t do it.  Even 6 houses was a lot of work!

One of the wonderful aspects of this creative activity is that kids of (almost) any age can do it.  If they’re old enough to understand they can’t eat ALL the candy, then they’re old enough to do it.  It’s so neat to see what the little ones come up with.  And it’s been really amazing to watch my little (well, younger – not really “little”) brothers grow up each year.  We started this before my youngest brother was born, so I’ve really gotten to see them go from “kid houses” (you know the ones: adorable, but usually little thought to the design – mostly a lot of their favorite candies stuck to the roof) to “adult houses” (while these vary WIDELY in quality, there’s usually a plan, some thought that goes into the whole design).  It’s always neat to see the year they make that switch from kid to adult in the gingerbread world!

Below are some pictures of the insanity that descends on my parents’ house on gingerbread night. 

Candy Island

Ready for the decorators!

Hard at work 🙂

One of the more talented house decorators....

Various houses

My mom's gingerbread bakery

What happens if you leave your gingerbread house unattended.....

Please share your own pictures or links in the comment section below so we can all share in your creative Christmas experiences – and maybe find a few ideas to incorporate into our own families!


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3 responses

  1. Love it! Your cards are so cute. You may have inspired me to make some cards next year! The gingerbread houses are great too!

  2. What gorgeous and personal cards! How precious! I love the idea of a “gingerbread night” and your mom’s little bakery is terrific! Thanks so much for linking up!

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