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Today we have some on-going requests — and some BIG praises!

1. First, is Henley.  Please continue to pray that ALL the disease would leave her body.  Big praise for Henley and her family: If things stay on schedule, then they’ll be able to be home for Christmas!  This has been a major prayer for them, so to see it answered is wonderful!  (Henley’s Website: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/bravebee)

2. Please continue to pray for Rachel.  Rachel is in her mid-30s has cancer in several areas.  The situation has progressed to the point where they can’t give her any more treatments, so she’s been put on hospice care (the doctors estimate that she may live up to a month).  Please pray for peace and comfort for Rachel, as she is concerned about leaving her husband and their 7-year-old son (who has autism).  Please pray for her husband and son, too, during this incredibly difficult time.  (We know God can perform miracles.  Please pray one for this family.)  Here is a link to Rachel’s CareCalendar: http://carecalendar.org; ID: 38500; Security code: donnyis6.

3. Please also pray for strength, healing, and a reduction of pain for my friend, Garland, who has been fighting bone cancer for almost 4 years now and has recently had some complications.  He has been such a great example of someone who loves God, loves God’s Word, and loves others for so many people throughout his 70+ years.  (Please also pray for his lovely wife, Pat.)

4. Update on Matthew‘s (age 12) heart surgery: The procedure went well and he’s doing well!  Praise God!  (They’ll be replacing the valve in June.)

5. Praise for my friend Erica and the good news on Emersyn!  If you haven’t read Erica’s story, you can do so here: Erica’s website.


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  1. Praying.

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